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Fast and Furious was run by Clinton-era gun ban architect

Written By: Bob - Dec• 28•11

It seems that Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, the only DOJ staffer to resign as a result of Operation Fast and Furious, was also instrumental in orchestrating the 1994 Clinton-era “assault weapons” ban.

But I’m sure it is completely coincidental.


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  1. Chris says:

    With coincidences like these who needs conspiracies?

  2. Harry Bergeron says:

    Given that certain AZ laws were violated by ATF agents during F&F, why wouldn’t this work:

    Arrest an ATF agent whom one might reasonably suspect of a violation. Charge him with multiple felonies, and sweat him for a statement as to who instructed him to act.

    Rinse and repeat up the chain of command as high as possible. Just because someone works for ATF doesn’t give them authority to circumvent State law any more than a traffic cop can commit murder. Lots of good info and press would result, and maybe a case for the Supreems in a decision re law-breaking by the Feds.

    If a superior testifies that he did NOT instruct his subordinate to break State law, then they can point fingers at each other in the intense light of a trial.

    Popcorn sales will be off the charts.

  3. Veeshir says:

    Wow, when I read the title I figured “Jaime Gorelick strikes again”.

    I have a feeling that as facts come out, she’s involved somewhere.

    I mean, how can she blow her perfect, civilization-wrecking streak?

  4. David169 says:

    The fast and furious or Gunrunner is not the first attempt to create a case for abolishing the 2nd amendment. Back about 1994-5 when slick Willie was at the helm someone arranged for two containers of AK-47s to be shipped from China to the US. Luckily an alert US Customs officer got suspicious and caught the shipment. I was told the guns were to be distributed to the drug gangs across the country in the hope that the carnage would make the case for an outright ban on firearms.