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FBI Director Mueller to the Hill: will someone ask him about the FBI informant that led the rip crew that killed Brian Terry?

Written By: Bob - Dec• 14•11

Mike Vanderboegh points out that FBI Director Robert Mueller is going to Capitol Hill today.

Perhaps while they have him there – under oath, if they are smart – they can ask him about the FBI criminal informant-led rip crew that murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, the failure of the FBI to deconflict with the Border Patrol since they knew the rip crew was going to be operating in Peck Canyon that night, and ask why the FBI “disappeared” the SKS that was recovered in Peck Canyon and traced via serial number by the BATFE back to that same informant. Perhaps they can also ask him why the FBI released 4 of the 5 suspects they captured, and why the remaining suspect’s case has been sealed to conceal it from public scrutiny.

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One Comment

  1. Ian C says:

    Asking the nest of corruption to to ask pertinent questions of their policing agency is like trying to blow air up someones hind quarters as a cure for cancer. A novel approach, but in the end it’s still just blowing hot air. An unfortunate yet common occurrence on the hill.