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FBI informant led rip crew that murdered Border Patrol Agent

Written By: Bob - Dec• 01•11

Read all about it in my latest Gunwalker exclusive at PJ Media. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by a cartel rip crew that used government intelligence to plot an armed robbery. The robbery turned into a murder when the rip crew encountered the BORTAC unit  instead of the drug smugglers they expected to be there.

And both the DEA and FBI knew what their informant and his rip crew was up to before hand, and did nothing to deconflict with the Border Patrol or ATF, effectively setting up the BORTAC team to be ambushed.

If you aren’t familiar with deconfliction, here’s a fictional example of why law enforcement agencies must deconflict to keep their agents out of harm’s way.

I fully expect the Department of Justice to ignore this story if at all possible, or deny this story entirely if they do address it. Unfortunately for Eric Holder and the Obama Administration, too many people know what went down in Operation Fast and Furious, and those involved will be held accountable.

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