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For which I am merry

Written By: Bob - Dec• 23•11

I wrote just before Thanksgiving of my beautiful young second cousin, a high school senior that was involved in a serious single car collision late on the night of Nov.19.

The car slid broadside into the tree, with the impact on the driver's door.

The impact of the wreck plunged her into a coma that lasted over a month, one that she has slowly, miraculously emerged from in recent days.

Rachel. Still smiling.

She woke her father this morning with a soft “good morning” in a telephone call from the rehabilitation center.

He writes:

It’s hard to imagine it was just last week that Rachel was being feed totally through the feeding tube, breathing through a trache and no spoken words.  It’s hard not to be excited and have new expectations for what God is doing and will do in the future as he continues to heal Rachel. Prayers, faith in God and real belief that He would heal Rachel has given her every opportunity to receive a miracle.  So, don’t stop now. Thank God everyday and every minute…

We are blessed to be a family of “teachers and preachers.”  The prayers and faith of literally thousands have sustained her parents, her sister, and all of us in our extended family.

As we approach Christmas, please take time to cut through the glitter to remember what this season is really about.

It isn’t about toys and  presents. It’s about deep, abiding and unconditional love. Hold those you love tightly, and say the words.

“I love you.”

More than 2,000 years ago a commitment of God’s love was delivered to us in Bethlehem, and that was the beginning of the story of the greatest gift of all.

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  1. Orion says:

    Now THAT makes for a merry Christmas.

    May only even better things come in your future…


  2. Nina says:

    So glad to see the update regarding your niece! What a wonderful gift for her parents and all her extended family!

    As to your larger point regarding the Christmas season . . . Well Said!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Aunt Rose says:

    Thank you so much for the continued prayers and posts for Rachel and her family. Yes, it is a miracle we are witnessing. God said “Two or more gathered in my name and I will be there” has certainly proven true!
    Love to you and your family.
    We love you all and Merry Christams,
    Aunt Rosie & Uncle Bobby