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Cornyn: there was another gun-walking plot in Houston

Written By: Bob - Dec• 16•11

I’m sure that Eric Holder was utterly unaware of this one as well.

“I believe, based on what we know now, that “Fast and Furious” did extend to Texas,” said Sen. John Cornyn.

Cornyn began asking questions about a Houston-based investigation after Local 2 Investigates reported on allegations made by one of the largest independent gun dealers in our area. The owners of Carter’s Country accused agents with the ATF’s Houston Division of asking the firearms dealer to allow questionable buyers to make purchases so the people could be tracked under the auspices of an ATF initiative called “Gunrunner.” This operation resulted in the arrest of more than 20 people funneling guns to the drug cartels. However, according to documents filed in Houston federal court, many guns purchased at Carter’s Country wound up at crime scenes in Mexico.

“They did (the sales) because they were asked to do so by the ATF,”┬ástated attorney Dick DeGuerin during an interview with Local 2 in August.

DeGuerin represented Carter’s Country during a federal probe that ended with no charges being filed against the gun dealer.

I do wish, however, that Cornyn would quit claiming this was part of Fast and Furious. It was not. It wasn’t even part of the other alleged gun-walking operation in Dallas. Each of these gun-walking plots were carried out by different field operations areas, with different ATF FBI, and DHS personnel, along with different U.S. Attorneys.

Each of the ten alleged gun-walking plots in five states involved separate teams of executive branch law enforcement agents and appointees.

It’s time for people to start understanding just how pervasive this plot was within the Justice Department and Homeland Security, and why it could not have taken place without approvals at the very highest levels of the executive branch.

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  1. Robert Hill says:

    I have to wonder if Holder tipped his hand when he claimed executive privilidge regarding his refusal to produce his email. Was he consulting with the president?

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