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Holder set to testify on Fast and Furious in front of House Judiciary Committee

Written By: Bob - Dec• 08•11

The tensions will be running high in this one, as the Attorney General tries to defend himself against charges of incompetence, perjury, and obstructing Congressional investigators attempting to get to the bottom of a plot that has left 300 dead so far.

On Thursday morning, Attorney General Eric Holder will appear before the House Judiciary Committee and he’s set to get grilled over Operation Fast and Furious.

Fast and Furious was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives program overseen by the Justice Department. The operation facilitated the sale of thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels via straw purchasers. Straw purchasers are people who legally purchase guns in the United States with the known intention of illegally trafficking them into Mexico.

At least 300 people in Mexico were killed with Fast and Furious weapons, as was U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Operation Fast and Furious is the deadliest domestic political/criminal scandal in the history of the Executive Branch, but has received scant media attention as the press trying to minimize the public’s knowledge of the scandal and protect Barack Obama’s already faltering presidency.

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