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Mexican cartels: Send lawyers, guns and money. Obama: Okay

Written By: Bob - Dec• 07•11

Fed-up whistleblowers are coming forward with fresh revelations about the potentially criminal actions from the highest levels of the Department of Justice. If the thousands of weapons and hundreds of deaths attributed to Operation Fast and Furious weren’t damaging enough, we are now hearing that the DEA was laundering and transferring money for the cartels.

It’s quite brilliant on the part of the Obama Administration. Have the Justice Department do your dirty work, and who is left to investigate you or bring charges against you? Certainly not the Attorney General, Secretaries of Homeland Security or Treasury, each who had a role to play in these schemes.

This appears to go boldly beyond the boundaries of any corruption we’ve ever seen in this nation. Tammany Hall, Iran-Contra and Watergate all pale in comparison of a rogue federal government arming and funding narco-terrorists.

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has now contributed to more murders than the domestic terrorist it once hunted, Timothy McVeigh. Obama refuses to fire him or appoint an independent prosecutor.

Where is the outrage?

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One Comment

  1. Kim Priestap says:

    The American people are too distracted by the horrible economy that Obama has created to pay attention to the unprecedented levels of corruption in the F&F scandal. They are so exhausted from working two or three jobs in an effort to keep their heads above water and from trying to wrap their brains around what Obama is doing to our country that they don’t have the energy that is required to be as outraged as they should be about the shocking corruption inside F&F.

    This administration has created so many crises in so many different areas of American life that it’s almost become too hard to process it all. I’m concerned the American people are just too spent and are about to throw up their hands in utter frustration.

    Actually, if you think about it, this is the exact strategy I’d expect from one country trying to conquer another country. Come at them from so many different directions that their defenses can’t keep up and they are forced to surrender out of sheer exhaustion.