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Morrissey: It’s time for Eric Holder to resign

Written By: Bob - Dec• 20•11

Ed Morrissey emerges in the pages of The Week to perfectly summarize Eric Holder’s transgressions.

To recap, we have an agency under Holder’s supervision that ran perhaps thousands of guns across the border without any attempt to keep track of them, to supposedly find straw buyers and their connection to the cartels. The ATF then tried to use the purchases they facilitated as evidence that the ATF needed more restrictive laws to impose on gun dealers. These weapons were used in hundreds of murders. When Congress challenged Holder on the operation, his staff at the Department of Justice offered a false statement that the ATF always attempted to interdict weapons before crossing the border, which they had to withdraw when documents began appearing that clearly contradicted it. Even to this day, Holder has told Congress that he has communications regarding Fast and Furious that he will not release to investigators in the House who have demanded them.

If all Holder has in defense of his performance and that of his Department of Justice is playing the race card in an attempt to bully his critics into silence, then he truly has no defense at all. With the families of 300 murder victims mourning deaths delivered by the ATF’s weaponry, dismissing criticism of Holder’s performance as attorney general as bigotry is not just despicable, it should be a disqualification for the office he holds.

The problem, however, is that Holder shows no sign of stepping down, nor of disciplining his underlings for their role in this murderous plot. President Obama not only refuses to fire Holder but seems to back his desperate playing of the race card.


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