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Mother Jones takes aim at messenger, ignores the criminal conspiracy

Written By: Bob - Dec• 14•11

You could have easily predicted it. When left-wing Mother Jones finally got around to mentioning Operation Fast and Furious, it was  only in the service of the Obama Administration, attempting the character assassination on the blogger that did much to break the story.

Tthe author’s chief complaint isn’t with the veracity of the sources or even the information that Vanderbeogh has provided, she and Mother Jones simply revile the source… which is understandable considering his out of the mainstream political views.

But the fact that the author doesn’t even attempt to argue against the veracity of the information that  the militiaman provides speaks volumes, does it not?

Stephanie Mencimer does not even begin to address the allegations that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, acting in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Treasury, and informing at least the National Security Council in the White House, armed a violent Mexican drug cartel with thousands of weapons, and in the process apparently violated the Arms Export Control Act, The Kingpin Act, and other federal and state felonies. There is also the rather obvious cover-up that the DOJ is participating in after the fact, which seems to be the stuff of a possible RICO prosecution.

I’d ask the author a simple question: Who is the real radical?

Is it the author of some controversial but still quite legal opinions? Or is it rogue government that has illegally provided thousands of weapons that have killed more than 300 Mexican citizens, and then has done everything possible to cover-up the crime?

A year ago this evening, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a Mexican cartel rip crew led by an FBI informant, and armed by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

Barack Obama didn’t murder Brian Terry, but he stands with his full force behind the man ultimately responsible for arming the men who felled him.

We won’t see Stephanie Mencimer or Mother Jones address that reality. It isn’t one that they are willing to face.

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