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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Not exactly something I have committed to memory, either.

Written By: Bob - Dec• 30•11

Can anyone tell me why they would have an anti-sodomy law memorized… even an “important” one?

Former Senator Rick Santorum is hitting Gov. Rick Perry for not being familiar with Lawrence v. Texas.  Hell, if someone as me what it was, I probably would have figured a BCS bowl game matchup.

Rick Santorum mocked Rick Perry for not being familiar with the anti-sodomy Supreme Court case Lawrence v. Texas during a campaign stop Thursday night.

“Rulings like Lawrence v. Texas would be a good thing to know if you are running for president,” Santorum said, according to NBC News’ Andrew Rafferty.

Earlier in the day, Rick Perry admitted that he did not remember what the 2003 case was about when asked by a voter. Perry had originally seemed to think that the case pertained to government spending.

Other than preachy social “conservatives” and gay men, nobody obsesses about sodomy. It isn’t relevant to ensuring that the economy gets rolling again, it doesn’t lower taxes or spending, and it doesn’t kill Muslim terrorists (if it did, there wouldn’t be any). Until we get the economy back on track and Americans back to work, and cut the size and spending of the federal government to reasonable levels, I don’t care if you use your poop chute as a slide-n-slide… and apparently Rick Santorum does.

Despite being a horrible debater and public speaker, Perry is the one candidate that I believe has what it takes to fix our economy. Why do I think that? Because the state he’s been running is the only one that has thrived during the Obama Depression. Romney and Huntsman are the only other governors, and they can’t boast of their state’s economic successes. All the other candidates are legislators without appreciable executive experience.

So pardon me if I don’t get upset over Perry not knowing about Lawrence v. Texas. There are far more important things to worry about.

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  1. You know, until I looked it up, I thought Lawrence v Texas was the flag burning case. (Texas v. Johnson, BTW).

    Social conservatives are statists just like the nanny-ists. They just want Big .Gov to bother you about different things.