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NY Times: shrill editorial blasts ‘gun nuts’ that threaten dear leader’s agenda

Written By: Bob - Dec• 02•11

Poor Timothy Egan! The anguish and horror he feels is intolerable,  and you caused it, you bitter, clinging rednecks.

Like any op-ed that makes it past the Times editorial process, it’s full of dishonesty by design. It utterly ignores what Obama himself is on the record as saying about his desire to ban handguns outright, his desire to ban weapons that don’t meet his campaign’s nebulous definition of sportsman’s weapons,” or his attempt as a director of the Joyce Foundation to subvert Second Amendment scholarship. Nor does Egan seem to be able to recall the President’s promises to Sarah Brady that he is working on gun control “under the radar,” the Administration’s deceitful recitation of the 90-percent lie, or the public statements of top officials in support of bans of semi-automatic firearms and standard-capacity magazines.

You see, if Egan were open and honest and actually admitted what he knew to be true, then he wouldn’t have an op-ed in the New York Times.

Honesty doesn’t sell papers. But then, looks at the Times declining circulation over the years, it might be worth a try.

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  1. Robert says:

    You notice he talked of Loughner owning a Glock 19 with a “multiple-clip magazine?” What a maroon.

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  3. Robb Allen says:

    Did you see the picture with the caption of “Hand guns displayed at ShotShow”?

    I wonder if that one has a shoulder thing that goes up?

    • Bob says:

      Yeah, but got sidelined by his text, which was every bit as accurate.

      The best I can tell that gun in the picture was one of those “Saturday Night Specials,” called that because if you started drawing it now, you might have it out of the holster by Saturday night.