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Occupy Raleigh protester guns down domestic partner and wounds two bystanders before committing suicide; media covers up OWS association

Written By: Bob - Dec• 09•11

The media are referred to as gatekeepers for a reason.

A man accused of shooting three people at a Wendell Food Lion Wednesday night has killed himself, police announced Thursday.

A homeowner on Marshburn Road called 911 after finding the body of Tariq James Taylor, 21, in a barn behind the house. Authorities have not said how Taylor killed himself.

Wendell Police Chief Vance Johnson said Taylor shot a man and two women inside the Food Lion, at 2837 Wendell Blvd., around 7:15 p.m. after a domestic dispute with his partner, Jason Jeffery, who works at the store. The gun used in the shooting was recovered in the store.

Investigators say Jeffery walked into an office and Taylor fired about 10 shots through the door, striking Jeffery multiple times. Bullets also hit two women – another employee and a woman interviewing for a job.

The story mentions in it’s very last sentence that Taylor was arrested for 2nd Degree Trespassing on October 16, but refuses to provide any details beyond that.

The editing was apparently selective, as the same news organization, WRAL, posted this story about Occupy Raleigh protestors being arrested on October 16.

About 75 protesters moved to the sidewalk and continued their demonstration, police said, but 19 people stayed behind, locked arms and were arrested. A woman was also arrested two hours later for trying to enter the closed Capitol grounds.

Police said they charged 20 people with second-degree trespassing in connection with the protest:

Taylor was the second person one listed in the arrest story.

There is no direct tie-in between the Occupy Raleigh movement and the attempted murder/suicide but WRAL apparently made a conscious decision to whitewash or “sanitize” the story all the same.

In and off itself, the editorial decision is newsworthy, and betrays a troubling editorial bias of a news organization that seems intend on protecting the Occupy movement, even when there is no reason they need protecting.

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  1. ABC 11 did report the prior arrest, but placed it near the end of the story.

  2. SouthernRoots says:

    When was the golden age of the truly objective, unbiased journalist ? I don’t think there ever was one.

    Knowing that there isn’t an objective, unbiased journalist doesn’t upset me except for how they lie in telling us that they are objective and unbiased.

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