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Odd … they don’t use the word “botched”

Written By: Bob - Dec• 15•11

Scandal-embroiled Attorney General Eric Holder is bringing Americans together… to get him thrown out:

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s office announced on Thursday morning that it has 73 cosponsors on its House of Representatives resolution of “no confidence” in Attorney General Eric Holder’s ability to serve.

Between the 57 congressmen demanding that Holder resign and those who have signed onto Gosar’s resolution, there are now a total of 85 members of Congress who don’t trust Holder in his office.

You’ll notice if you read the resolution that the word “botched” so popularized by the MSM is never used to describe Operation Fast and Furious. That is not by accident. Anyone who objectively reviews the comparatively few facts released by the Department of Justice and reads the testimony of ATF whistle-blowers knows that Fast and Furious was a deliberately executed plot to arm the Sinaloas, not anything like a law enforcement operation.


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