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Open Carrier winds up on wrong end of own gun

Written By: Bob - Dec• 06•11

I’m with Chance on open carry. I’m not going to do it, I think it is potentially dangerous, and in this instance it certainly didn’t help.

The fact of the matter though, is that Blaine Tyler seems to have had bad situational awareness and compounded that into a fatal error when he made a dumb decision to chase down the suspect that had just stolen his weapon.

You give up a distinct tactical edge when the bad guys know you are armed, and I haven’t yet heard a convincing argument of a common circumstance where open carry is preferable to concealed carry.

That allowed, I want you to have the right to open carry, even when that decision may end up with tragic results.

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  1. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    During the 25 years that I’ve had my license to carry a handgun, the ONE TIME that I actually needed the gun was on a day that I was OPEN CARRYING a 1911, cocked and locked, in a Don Hume JIT belt holster.

    Two ‘gangsta-type’ looking ne’re-do-‘ells were walking straight at me in an empty parking lot early one morning as I was inspecting a strip mall. There was nothing behind me for them to walk to so it became pretty clear that I was the target as the events began to unfold. It is very rare that I will open carry a pistol, but on the rare occasion I will do so. This happened to be one of those rare days.

    So as the bad guys got closer I made the intentional move to turn so they could see the gun on my side. At a distance of now, less than 40’, I angled just enough to expose the gun, getting ready to draw, but the simple sight of the gun caused these guys to turn 90-degrees and pick up their pace as they departed.

    I still rarely Open Carry. But I do credit it with saving me from a good beating, or worse. Say what you will, I won’t argue. But I have all the proof I need.