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Obama makes Judicial Watch’s most corrupt politicians list for the 5th year running

And if you consider the “dishonorable mention” he earned in 2006, that’s six years in a row. Making the list of most corrupt politicians for this long is the most experience he’s had at anything in his miserable life of public service, and a sad sign that corruption may be the only thing in which Barack […]

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Virginia is for losers

A loyalty oath? Really?  

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Dear Iowa: Vote “none of the above”

The first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus is just days away, and Iowans will have the choice of choosing from the following candidates: a double-talking insincere northeast liberal who created the model for Obamacare a gruff, gaffe-generator former Speaker with tremendous personal and political baggage a successful current governor torpedoing his campaign with gaffes and pandering an aging […]

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Fast and Furious was run by Clinton-era gun ban architect

It seems that Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, the only DOJ staffer to resign as a result of Operation Fast and Furious, was also instrumental in orchestrating the 1994 Clinton-era “assault weapons” ban. But I’m sure it is completely coincidental.  

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Really, Politico?

This article says a lot about Tim Mak, Politico, and Eric Holder, none of it good: The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty rose to 173 this year, from 153 in 2010, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund announced Wednesday. This year’s figure is 23 percent higher than 122 […]

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