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Dole just the latest GOP “establishment” endorsement of Romney

I suspect that Elizabeth Dole’s endorsement of Mitt Romney might matter to someone, but I doubt it matters to many voters, and especially the independents and moderates it takes to win national elections. Dole lost Jesse Helm’s old Senate seat in a lopsided 53-44 loss to unheralded Kay Hagan in 2008 in a vote that […]

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More on the NY Times gun lie… and media lies in general

Glenn Reynolds has collected¬†blog posts debunking Micheal Luo’s anti-gun propaganda¬†the published yesterday in the New York Times. It’s pathetic how nakedly modern “journalists” serve the pursuit of ideological conversion through propaganda, instead of simply reporting the facts. Of course, that assumes that journalists were ever interested in reporting just the facts, and there is no […]

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The 0.08-percent

Can the atypical actions of 200 be fairly used to smear a group of 240,000? The New York Times seems to think so, in a laughable op-ed disguised as a news story. In state after state, guns are being allowed in places once off-limits, like bars, college campuses and houses of worship. And gun rights […]

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DOJ IG’s stonewalling effort in “Gunwalker” has now taken more time than Warren Commission

David Codrea notes that Acting DOJ Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar is doing precisely what her former co-counsel Eric Holder has asked of her, stonewalling the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious for longer than it took for the Warren Commission to investigate JFK’s murder. …as of today, DOJ operative Schnedar has now taken more time […]

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Another “Occupy” murder to add to the list of crimes

Jim Hoft now puts the Occupy-related body count at 9. I don’t think the media would be as generous as Hoft if the dead were Tea Partiers, and so I would include murders and suicides committed by Occupiers away from the camp to add two more bodies, and put the body count at 11. The […]

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