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Russian nuclear sub fire that I’m somehow just hearing about “finally” out

Written By: Bob - Dec• 30•11

This is unsettling.

The fire broke out Thursday at an Arctic shipyard outside the northwestern Russian city of Murmansk where the submarine Yekaterinburg was in dry-dock. The blaze, which shot orange flames high into the air through the night, was put out Friday afternoon and firefighters continued to spray the vessel with water to cool it down, Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

Russian state television earlier showed the rubber-coated hull of the submarine still smoldering, with firefighters gathering around it and some standing on top to douse it with water. Most modern submarines’ outer hulls are covered with rubber to make them less noisy and more difficult for an enemy to detect.

Seven members of the submarine crew were hospitalized after inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide fumes from the fire, Shoigu said.

If I’m reading the article correctly, it sounds like only the rubber hull coating caught fire, and not the sub’s internals or reactor. Still not exactly minor news, and I’m wondering why this didn’t get more coverage.

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  1. Neo says:

    I don’t remember seeing this on RT

  2. Chris says:

    We can’t devote precious minutes of MSM time to reporting about nuclear submarines on fire. Not when they aren’t US ones. We have to devote MSM time to coverage of Lady Gaga. We must discuss the incivility of Tim Tebow demonstrating his faith in front of people.

    How DARE you ask journalists to present NEWS! There is GOSSIP and opinion to shape!

  3. Jeff Hoser says:

    Methinks this is not an “oops”, or even an “oh s**t ! Its more – IMO – like an OMG ! That quantity of heat applied asymetrically to a pressure hull, or even its superstructure, has to have had serious metalurgical effects ! Then there’s considerations of “heat transfer” to the vessel’s internal components !

    In this post Walker debacle era, I suspect the Russians are “rafting/isolating” energy-generating components. Heat will effect that concept, IMO. >JH