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Tebow-bashing Rabbi published by rag funded by George Soros

Written By: Bob - Dec• 15•11

I should have seen this coming (and maybe some of you did).

The Rabbi that wrote the non-nonsensical, paranoid editorial attack of evangelicals and Tim Tebow the other day was published in a left-wing Jewish magazine backed by none other than George Soros.

Much has been said about Joshua Hammerman, the “Rabbi” who wrote the Tim Tebow article full of venom toward Christians, conservatives, and quite frankly people of all religions whose faith is part of their daily lives. The Rabbi, as part of the J-Street Rabbinical council is part of the George Soros team, pulled the post off his personal blog and the Newspaper it was published in, the Jewish Week pulled it from their site. (Before it was pulled I cut and pasted it here just in case)

Hammerman is not the only “culprit” in this case study in progressive bigotry. The newspaper who published the piece, The Jewish Week, is also culpable. Hammerman could not have picked a more compatible location the Tebow hit piece, the Jewish Week run by Editor/Publisher Gary Rosenblatt has a history of pushing progressive themes and candidates, hit-jobs on political conservatives, and editorializing against people of faith (including Jews).

It’s too bad we don’t have laws in this country against convicted felons funding political causes.

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