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Templar MCWS for sale

Written By: Bob - Dec• 23•11

The Templar Custom Multi-Caliber Weapons System that I reviewed for Shooting Illustrated is for sale on Gunbroker.

Templar MCWS for sale (Shooter is already under long-term lease).

I’ve fired this exact rifle with both the 6.5 Grendel and the 223 Wylde barrel, and I’ve fired a NFA full-auto Templar with the 50 Beowulf installed (note: ouch).  This particular rifle comes with two bolts, barrels chambered in all three calibers, and a cherry EOTech in the “desert snake” finish that matches the rifle and a case to keep it all in.

The bidding for the package starts at $2,699.

Do I think that’s a fair price for this firearm? I’ll put it this way:  I had Templar build me a MCWS after shooting the one currently on sale, and the variant I have has a street price on it north of the opening bid here with just two barrels/chamberings, and without the pattern-matched EOTech and WCI muzzle brakes.


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