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UNC Chapel Hill opens Muslim prayer room

Written By: Bob - Dec• 01•11

Aw… aren’t they being terribly inclusive? No, not really:

An editorial in today’s Daily Tar Heel lauds a recent decision by the Union Board of Directors at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to create a “meditation room” almost solely due to lobbying efforts by Muslim students. This is a decision I don’t particularly disagree with — the editorial does mention the fact that, since Muslims pray five times a day, it’s harder to be able to consistently rent a room each day for that purpose. As a liberal arts university, true diversity ought to be upheld; however, true diversity does not imply catering to one religion while not allowing similar privileges to other religious faiths.

Let’s be honest here and call a spade a spade. The Union might defend the “meditation room” as non-denominational since it is accessible to all faiths, but it includes a wash-basin for the explicit purpose of facilitating the Islamic ritual of Wudu. If the Union created a similar room with an optional crucifix lying around, critics would rightly call the “it’s accessible to all religions” defense a sham.

There’s no word yet on whether they’ll have Jeep parking out front.

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