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2012 Resolutions

Written By: Bob - Jan• 01•12

It’s January 1. Here is what I came up with:

  1. Get in shape.I’ve got high cholesterol and almost exhausted myself painting the bathroom. I’m looking to get my cardio back up, and get a little ripped, like this.
    donald "cowboy" cerone

    UFC Fighter Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone

    I may or may not be delusional, but I think it is possible of I really work at it.

  2. Finish my novel. I’ve been piddling around with it for several months, and have the main characters fleshed out and I’m finishing out a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline and the main motifs. I’m not saying that I’ll necessarily publish it, but I at least want to complete a first draft.
  3. Learn to shoot. I’m a gun blogger and write for a gun magazine, but I’ve simply not had the professional instruction of technique and form that I want with either rifle or pistol. The first bit of training on the schedule is the March Appleseed in Ramsuer, NC that I’ll be attending with my beautiful bride, and maybe our older daughter if she shows herself to be mature enough. I’d also like to get some more formal centerfire carbine (AR-15) instruction if I can somehow find the money, which bring us to.
  4. Budget more wisely. I make a decent salary, but we always seem to be running out of money. We spend to much on impulse purchases and carry too much debt. We’re going to work on paying down our debt, spending money on just the essentials, and put some money into savings.
  5. Use my new camera. My darling wife got me a nice 16.1 megapixel Sony with a Zeiss lens for Christmas. While it is still technically a point-and-shoot, it is the nicest camera I’ve ever owned and I want to shoot more original photos for both the blog and the family photo album.

So that is what I have resolved to attempt in 2012. What have you got?

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:


    Great “resolutions” ! Best might be to think twice/three times before dragging out that plastic. Or, perhaps, think real hard about going “cash” ! Something about having to dig down and count out cash is a real inhibitor on spending, IMO ! >JH

  2. MAJ Arkay says:

    The second you have an impulse to buy, ask “Why must I have this right now?” If the answer is just because you want it, then don’t buy it.

    We have a rule here, that if anything comes into the house (except food), something has to leave. That right there keeps impulse buying to a minimum.

    Good luck and happy 2012.