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ATF Head tips that DOJ will buy silence of Fast and Furious co-conspirators

Written By: Bob - Jan• 06•12

Imagine there’s no justice; it’s easy if you try.

In response to a gunwalking operation that put more than 2,000 firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, and which led to the death of at least one U.S. law enforcement agent and more than 300 people in Mexico, the ATF will look for “recommendations on job terminations or suspensions.”

Numerous felonies were committed by government employees of Barack Obama’s administration. These felonies include violations of the Arms Export Control Act, violations of the Kingpin Act, possible RICO violations, violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act, felonies related to the cover-up of Brian Terry’s death at the hands of an FBI criminal informant, including the hiding of the informant’s SKS rifle, and other crimes. Eric Holder’s apparent perjury in front of Congress about when he know of Operation Fast and Furious is the least of the administration’s problems.

This points to a possible DOJ defense tactic: in exchange for suspensions and resignations, those responsible will be thrilled to have the option of not talking about the criminality of their actions. Those in the position to “tell all” to reduce their sentence length with a plea bargain in a criminal trial have no reason whatsoever to talk if their continued silence can be bought for such a cheap price.

The ATF routinely sanctions or even shuts down gun dealers for paperwork errors, but seems intent on giving itself a pass on 2,000 purposefully walked guns used to commit hundreds of murders.

If Attorney General Eric Holder’s former co-prosecutor, acting Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar, allows DOJ officials off with mere administrative punishments instead of recommending dozens of criminal indictments, then you know the Inspector General;s investigation is a sham.

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One Comment

  1. MajWilliamMartin says:

    It would only be realistic to know how Filthy Our Government has sank into the cesspool of Organized Crime.

    This as few, VERY FEW American’s realize that even Obama as a Constitutional Lawyer has been dismantling the U.S. Constitution, Our Congress and all by Executive Orders.

    As he stands behind Holder, Who then claims the “Race Card” Oh my, Obama and I are BLACK and so they are out to hang us from the nearest tree. As if Our Laws were from the KKK.

    I hate to say it in this way, But even a FOOL could see that Our Government Supports Al Qaeda, Joe Biden recently said the Taliban was NOT an Enemy of the United States. This after a Taliban RPG ripped through a Helicopter and Murdered the remainder of the Seal Team 6.

    Obama Openly supported the Al Qaeda in Libya, Who were from Iraq that Killed U.S. Soldiers, Even as we know the Iraq War was 100% LIES. These same Al Qaeda from Iraq, Now in Libya were just bused to Syria to meet with U.S. Special Forces as the move on Syria is about to begin.

    However a interesting note about all these facts, Just as Obama signed the new NDAA into law, That Obama himself should have turned himself into the Nearest Law Enforcement Agency for his 100% Support of Terrorism.

    Terrorism by BRAND X because the real fact is that Our OWN CIA say’s that the Al Qaeda is a Complete Fabrication. So they today are like Reagan’s Contra. But the Real Terrorist LIVE inside the White House.

    Obama has by-passed Congress in his Hitler/Dictator RULE and is waging WAR along with his STOOGES Janet Napalitano and others as they day by day call a new group in America Domestic Terrorist. Facts are Facts, Our Own FBI shops for young boys to make into terrorist’s and then as the FBI carts them to needed locations their FBI Handler gives them a BOMB! This is not only TREASON, Premeditated Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Murder as well as breaking their Own Laws on Terrorism.

    This is just as bad as the unmitigated GULL of Bernanke saying that he wont tell who received what monies and why. If you never believed in Shadow Governments, You need to wake your lame A$$ UP. The United States Government is 100% New World MAFIA.

    When they export Guns that Murder these as the Arizona Sheriff said makes them 100% Accomplices. Accomplices to Murder, Killing of a Federal Agent, Hundreds of Mexican’s and IF the Mass Graves in Mexico were to have an Official M.E. Look at them dead Bodies, I would bet that the same Guns also killed them too.

    This is a sad time in America. Our GOP Hates the thought of our NEED to return to the U.S. Constitution, Getting rid of the Patriot Act and other laws that in all facts are just Fiction to cause fear.

    It is time to Impeach them ALL. Every last one of them. Even as I write this, We can see that Obama like Nixon has his Plumbers working to defuse this. As American’s fall asleep tonight they will wake up tomorrow knowing that they are being lied to and feel ever so Happy that at least they Chose to believe these SCUM!