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Barack Obama’s sucessionist campaign

Written By: Bob - Jan• 24•12

As we prepare ourselves for Barack Obama’s third and hopefully last State of the Union (SOTU) address this evening, we can be assured of just one thing: this most shallow of Presidents will not use the national media exposure to explain what has gone wrong under his leadership, or accept responsibility for his Administration’s role orchestrating the murderous Fast and Furious gun-walking plot.

No, President Obama will most likely use his campaign State of the Union address to yet again promote class warfare, pitting the Wall Street and Hollywood elites that fund his campaign against the poor and lower middle class he has created in his tenure as the Food Stamp President. The ultimate crony capitalist, the man who championed Solyndra in his last SOTU, will instead throw gasoline on the class warfare fire that his backer George Soros has financed through Adbusters, Media Matters, Think Progress, and other radical leftist, redistributionist outlets under the guise of the Occupy movement.

Obama is doubling-down on the Cloward-Piven strategy, and will almost certainly insist that people much buy into higher taxes and a bigger, more intrusive government to baby them, with the ultimate goal of crashing our capitalist Republic as it now exists so that it can be rebuilt in the European-style socialist nation of his benefactor’s dreams.

The theme of the address will be “An America built to last” and will focus heavily on the economy, featuring the themes of manufacturing, clean energy, education and American values. Mr. Obama will also continue to make his case for raising taxes on wealthy Americans.

The lines of argument between Obama and his rivals are already stark, with America’s economic insecurity and the role of government at the center.

The president has offered signals about his speech, telling campaign supporters he wants an economy “that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few.”

Our Capitalist republic has worked, on a nearly constant upward trajectory, for more than two hundred years with only a few short-term deviations. Even our poorest citizens are rich in comparison to the vast majority of the world’s population.

Barack Obama seeks to undo this nation’s proven formula for success, to kill the spirit of innovation and strip away the freedom enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He does so in order to establish a society of beggars-of-the-state,  a socialist, big government philosophy which has failed in every single instance in which it has been tried, without exception.

His values are a radical departure and betrayal of this nation’s founding values. He is a traitor to the spirit of individual liberty and self-determination that made this nation great. He is no less a threat to the destruction of our Republic than the southern secessionists that sought to tear this country in two in the Civil War, and is arguable worse; the South largely fought to keep the self-determination the Founders fought and died for, while Obama seeks to strip even that away in pursuit of placing the will of government over the will of man.

Are his the words of a man trying to rally a nation, or a zealot bent on fracturing our Republic to serve a malignant constituency?

Listen to his words tonight, and make your own judgement.

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One Comment

  1. Chuck in NC says:

    As painful as it will be, I intend to watch tonight (hoping it’s the LAST SOTU address by BHO). Up at 5:00 am makes this difficult but worthwhile and not impossible.

    Your post is a sober, realistic view of what has been and what may be.

    Things have got to change with the upcoming elections or we’re going to live in a permanently changed country. It will no longer be a constitutional republic (if it even still is). If so, I grieve for my 20-something children and their offspring much, much more than I grieve for my wife and me and the life that used to be.