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Black farmers file claims in ‘Pigford II’

Written By: Bob - Jan• 17•12

Here comes the fraud.

Hundreds of black farmers traveled to Durham on Monday to file claims in a $1 billion settlement for being treated unfairly by the U.S. government.

Last year, President Barack Obama signed into law the settlement that covers 58,000 black farmers nationwide who were denied loans commonly given to white farmers.

“We went to the (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to try to get a loan. My father, my mother, my grandfather and we were denied because of our race,” farmer Troy Murray said Monday.

I am actually glad that real farmers like Mr. Murray who lost actual farms will be able to receive some compensation for the racial discrimination of the Department of Agriculture, but let there be no mistake: Pigford itself is a racially discriminatory fraud factory which is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars during a recession to fraudulent “farmers” that have never turned soil in their lives.

It works like this: yellow-dog, white-hooded Democrat administrators at the local level discriminated when handing out USDA loans, turning down black farmers unfairly when they applied for loans. It went steeply downhill from there.

The “Pigford Settlement,” an agreement that came out of the original 1997 lawsuit by Timothy Pigford and 400 southern black farmers, resulted from some apparently legitimate instances of discrimination. However, plaintiffs’ lawyers got involved, and the number of supposedly aggrieved farmers grew exponentially. Eventually, more than 94,000 claims were filed even though the U.S. Census Bureaun never counted more than 33,000 black farmers in America during the years in question.

Yes, you read that correctly. Roughly two of every three claims is fraudulent.

In 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama began working to pass legislation providing even more money for a whole new class of claimants via “Pigford II.” This push ignored fraud in and several convictions over the original settlement, but Mr. Obama was advised his legislation could help him in a Democratic presidential primary fight against then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. As president, Mr. Obama rammed this new, $4.6 billion boondoggle through Congress during last year’s post-election, lame-duck session.

Pigford and Pigford II present a near-prefect case story of how the Democratic Party works. Old-school Robert Byrd Democrats discriminate because, well, they’re bastards. Liberals and race hustlers then cite the bigotry – while blaming it on Republicans, of course – as an excuse to extract more money from taxpayers, which they then use to payoff their constituents, turning a blind eye to rampant fraud because that keeps them in office.

One must wonder, a day after we celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, what he must think about the content of the character of the legislators, administrators, and fraudsters that have abused this Devil’s bargain and taken money away from the real black farmers that were discriminated against in the first place.


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  1. Jeff Hoser says:

    While I’m sure there are valid cases of descrimination by the USDOA somewhere in this case, most of it is, I’d opine, a blatantly obvious case of an underhanded “reparations scheme”, replete with “crony capitalism aspects” – in the form of black law firms geared up to seek/process claims en masse – to blacks as a consequence of being decedents, perhaps at some point) from slaves used to till the land over a hundred years’ back. The reported numbers of claimants at this point makes one wonder if their only “real claim” is spurious/unchallenged by any oversight. Certainly the Obama Administration hasn’t been any more forthcoming on this issue than it has on its alleged gun running schemes. >MW