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BOO-YAH: Issa threatens to hold Holder in contempt

Written By: Bob - Jan• 31•12

It appears that it’s time to ratchet this up to eleven:

The head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is threatening to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress if he fails to comply with congressional subpoenas for documents.

Holder has until Feb. 9 to comply.

In a four-page letter to Holder, Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., claims the Department of Justice has “misrepresented facts and misled Congress,” which began its investigation of Operation Fast and Furious one year ago.

Issa wrote that Holder’s “actions lead us to conclude that the department is actively engaged in a cover-up” because it refuses to comply with previous subpoenas.

“If the department continues to obstruct the congressional inquiry by not providing documents and information, this committee will have no alternative but to move forward with proceedings to hold you in contempt of Congress,” Issa warned in the letter.

Elijah Cummings just issued a rebuttal, claiming that “facts are racist.”*

*I may have made up that last paragraph, but it’s close enough to shit he’s already shoveling.

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  1. Myron J. Poltroonian says:

    Operation”Fast and Furious” was just one of a multi-prong attack against the second amendment, Just wait until the UN’s “Agenda 21” hits the fan, brought to us by Hillary, and carried by Harry in the senate.

    • Myron J. Poltroonian says:

      [Bye the bye: My Nom d’Blog is Myron J. Poltroonian. That was the name I used on the 1980 census long form that I filled out in San Francisco. The one the poor college student asked for on a Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m., after I’d been out playing at a gig the night before and hadn’t gotten home until about 2:30/3:00 in the morning. Let’s just say the sight of this long-haired, bearded, grumpy and bedecked in only my old burgundy bathrobe musician was unsettling to the poor fellow to say the least. My response to his inquiry was a somewhat gruff “Yah!”, whereupon he smiled weakly, apologized profusely, and beat a hasty retreat away from my door, never to be seen again. Who says interacting with the government can’t be fun? And, effective as well.]