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Come to Appleseed, and freeze with us

Written By: Bob - Jan• 14•12

When I was still “occupying” Bob’s Gun Counter before consolidating all my blogging here, I made sure to mention that I was a gun enthusiast, and not a gun expert. Even though I write a bit for Shooting Illustrated, I still cringe at being called a “gun writer.” It all implies a level of expertise, competence, and knowledge that I do not think I’ll ever master in such a diverse and expanding field.

I am always on the lookout, however, for chances to learn, and Sean Sorrentino has helped organize a meet-up of gun bloggers and enthusiasts to participate at an Appleseed event on their home range in Ramseur, NC, on March 24-25. So far, I know the following blogs are going to be represented (besides this one):

Others may be signing up as well.

I’ve been meaning to do an Appleseed since I first heard of them a year ago, and finally got a chance to work it into our schedule so that both my wife and I can attend. It promises to be a great learning event for both of us, and I’d invite you to give it a try as well.

Oh… and dress warm.

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  1. Neo says:

    United States v. Rehlander (1st Cir. Jan. 13, 2012)

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    We conclude that this claim is sufficiently powerful that the doctrine of constitutional avoidance requires us to revisit our prior interpretation of section 922(g)(4); and, in doing so, we conclude that section 3863 proceedings do not qualify as a “commitment” for federal purposes