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DNC chair tries to blame Loughner shooting on Tea Party

Written By: Bob - Jan• 11•12

One is very tempted to respond to this dishonorable claim by noting the fact that one of his few friends in high school described the gunman as “very liberal” in his political beliefs, but that would be unfair. Jared Loughner’s murder spree was the result of a mentally ill person going on a rampage, and is not more a Democrat/Republican issue that John Hinkley’s attempted assassination of President Reagan was.

Wasserman Schultz cannot truthfully point out a single violent act that can be blamed on the Tea Party, whereas her allies in the Occupy movement have been responsible for thousands of crimes, including murder, rape and arson.

Someone should consider calling her on that, but I don’t expect this mainstream media to challenge her slander in the least.

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