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Email does not show Holder was told that Terry killed with Fast and Furious weapons

Written By: Bob - Jan• 30•12

I’ve been seeing a lot of misinformation regarding Friday’s DOJ document dump, claiming that Eric Holder was told on December 15 that BORTAC Agent Brian Terry was killed in a firefight and that Fast and Furious weapons were recovered at the scene.

I’ve read the emails.

One email from Holder’s deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson states that top DOJ officials, including Attorney General Holder, were informed that an agent was killed.

A subsequent email exchange between US Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke and Wilkinson reveals that guns recovered at the scene of Agent Terry’s death were aK-pattern semi-automatic rifles purchased at a Phoenix gun store as part of “the investigation we were going to talk about.”

Wilkinson’s response is that he will “call tomorrow” to discuss the issue of DOJ-supplied weapons being recovered at the scene of a federal agent’s murder.

While it is probably safe to assume that Wilkinson made the call and was briefed on the situation for the express purpose of informing Attorney General Holder, the emails themselves do not directly say Holder was told that weapons recovered at the scene of Terry’s death came from Operation Fast and Furious.

It does, however, strongly imply that Wilkinson was gathering details to brief Holder, and it would be very strange for him to gather all the data and not brief the Attorney General. It is perhaps a subtle distinction, but nonetheless an important one.

These emails aren’t a smoking gun proving that Eric Holder lied, they just strongly imply it, and if I were a congressional investigator, I’d be pushing hard to have Wilkinson testify under oath on Thursday along with his boss.

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