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Exclusive: Detonics coming soon in… hammerless?

Written By: Bob - Jan• 13•12

So I just got word that the Detonics MTX-H that just hit the market is already getting a sibling… with a (patent-pending) hybrid trigger system that features a hammerless slide.

Detonics 45 ACP Pistol

Imagine this, with a bobbed beavertail and no hammer.

I’ll have more information next week, but for now, file this variant as the Detonics DTS.

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  1. I’d like to shoot a striker fired version. Of course I’d like to try the regular version too.

  2. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    Seems like the folks who panic and wet their pants when they see a “Cocked & Locked” 1911 in a holster will have something less to worry about since this conversion eliminates that scary hammer. From the carry standpoint it also means that big beavertail can be shaved off the back of the gun which should increase carry comfort.

    We’ll get a 6# trigger pull that is a bit longer than a traditional 1911 trigger pull, but remains straight back like a traditional 1911 trigger. I think it makes sense for many applications as the short trigger pull of a typical 1911 may be difficult for some to control when holding a suspect at gun point.

    All that said I have to wonder if this is an answer to a question which nobody has asked? What is the real purpose of redesigning the slide and trigger . . . are their LEO departments asking for a striker fired gun with the superior ergonomics of a 1911? I’m not criticizing, I’m simply clueless about why its needed/desired. I’m not an industry insider so I don’t know what is being asked for by professional operators.

  3. Chris says:

    If they want to come up with a polymer framed cousin to this custom handgun I could see a major winner.