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Harry Reid-led Democratic Senate least effective in U.S. history

Written By: Bob - Jan• 16•12

Sure, he had a majority, and the backing of the Presidency and the media, but I’m sure somehow it was all the Tea Party’s fault.

…an analysis by The Washington Times of the scope of such activities as time spent in debate, number of conference reports produced and votes taken on the House andSenate floors found that Congress set a record for legislative futility by accomplishing less in 2011 than any other year in history.

The Senate’s record was weakest by a huge margin, according to the futility index, and the House had its 10th-worst session on record.

Of the bills the 112th Congress did pass, the majority were housekeeping measures, such as naming post office buildings or extending existing laws. Sometimes, it was too difficult for the two chambers to hammer out agreements. More often, the Senate failed to reach agreement within the chamber.

The article goes on to note that the Senate is particularly ineffective when a certain political party is on charge of the chamber.

All five of the worst performances on record were in the past decade. Four of those were when Democrats were in control and Republicans were in the minority.

Harry Reid’s Senate very obviously has no intention of passing any bills that could be moderate or conservative in nature, and his leadership has stalled because the Republican minority, as squishy as they are, aren’t going to accept the blatantly partisan laws that Reid does want to pass.

Blame Nevada. They sent the idiot back to Washington when he should have been forcefully retired in 2010.

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  1. Neo says:

    MR. GREGORY [to Sen. Reid]: But you know what they’re saying. I mean, look, you run the Senate. Democrats haven’t put together a budget in a year. The Republicans in the House are doing that. So you can say that they’re, you know, holding the process hostage, but they’re actually getting things done. That’s the argument they’ve made. Are they wrong?

    Of course, Gregory got it wrong with the “a year” because it fits with the obstruction meme.

    The Democrat controlled Senate failed to produce a budget by April 15, 2010 and April 15, 2011 as required by the Budget Act. The House, under the outstanding leadership of Nancy Pelosi, “deemed” a budget pass on July 2, 2010, some ten weeks late.
    This isn’t obstruction, this is procrastination.