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House Oversight Dems run sham investigation in an attempt to save Holder

Written By: Bob - Jan• 31•12

Nice try by Elijah Cummings, but no sale.

The other operations were small-scale controlled buys done in conjunction with Mexican authorities. They were always designed to take out the straw purchasers, and they resulted in relatively quick arrests after a much smaller sample of weapons was transferred.

Operation Fast and Furious was conducted after BATF determined that the tactics used in the previous operations were too risky.

How was it conducted?

By cutting Mexico and even other ATF agents completely out of the loop, quadrupling the number of weapons smuggled, and preventing agents from making arrests. In one particularly telling incident that proves that those involved knew they were breaking the law, BATF’s Bill Newell actually forced John Dodson, an ATF agent, to provide the weapons to “dirty him up” in hopes he wouldn’t blow the whistle on the program.

Further, Newell had direct conversations with the White House, with two individuals in the National Security Counsel. If you think he was informing the NSC, and the NSC wasn’t informing the President, I have some land to sell you.

U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke, who was responsible for the program, was the architect of Democrat gun-banning schemes dating back 23 years, including the 1994 “assault weapons ban.” His deputy Patrick Cunningham plead his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid testifying against himself, fearing criminal prosecution just days ago.

Let us be perfectly clear.

The Holder Justice Department, and in all likelihood the Obama White House, conspired to violate the Arms Export Control Act, the Kingpin Act, is the accessory murder in the deaths of more than 300 Mexican civilians and BORTAC agent Brian Terry. Via other gun-walking plots in Texas, they may also bear responsibly for the guns sued to kill ICE Jaime Zapata and wound his partner, Victor Avila.

The Obama Administration then attempted to execute a cover-up that begs for a RICO prosecution.

Email communications between officials of this Administration show that they hoped to use the violence committed by the weapons they smuggled into Mexico in order to call for stringent restrictions on the rights of American citizens. The new long-gun reporting rule imposed on gun dealers by the ATF is a direct result of this conspiracy.

The Obama Administration and Holder Justice Department committed felonies in what appears to be a brazen attempt to undermine the Constitutions of two nations.

No amount of lying by Congressional Democrats can change that inconvenient truth.

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  1. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    Bad link

  2. BobG says:

    I’ll be surprised if they get the people at the top; I think Burke and his people will be the scapegoats.

  3. scituate_tgr says:

    I’d like to know if the State Dept is going to release the number of direct-sales weapons they authorized for the (wink-wink) Mexican police and military (forget the program name). I recall the 2009 number was around 18,000 weapons which was 10 times the number for 2008 – and they are refusing to release the 2010 and 2011 sales numbers.

    What a world.