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I guess Barack doesn’t love me anymore

Written By: Bob - Jan• 27•12

The White House is winding up their “state of the union” week with a “post-state of the union conversation” Monday.  They want people to submit questions, and fellow NC gun blogger Sean Sorrentino though that would be a great opportunity to ask President Obama some questions about Operation Fast and Furious, and suggested that others do the same.

It seems that quite a few people took Sean’s advice seriously, and bombarded the White House, in hopes of having President Obama answer five questions I brought up about Operation Fast and Furious back in September that the media still hasn’t asked.

David Codrea just let me know that he was one of those that forwarded along the five questions about Gunwalker, and that the White House was not amused.

This submission was removed because people deemed it inappropriate.

“People?” Which people. You people?

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