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Iowa proves voters are idiots

Written By: Bob - Jan• 04•12

With 99-percent of the Iowa caucus votes in, the results are as follows, as reported by CNN this morning:

  1. Mitt Romney 25%
  2. Rick Santorum 25%
  3. Ron Paul 21%
  4. Newt Gingrich 13%
  5. Rick Perry 10%
  6. Michele Bachmann 5%

Just eight votes separated Romney from Santorum. What does this result tell us?

It tells us the Romney machine that has been in place since the last election can still only garner 25% support at best.

It tells us that Romney is in a tie with a former Senator (Santorum) with no executive experience, that got booted out of office in a stunning rebuke in his last election, and who has social conservative views that all but assure he’ll lose moderates and independents in a general election. That isn’t really an issue, however, as odds are he’ll fail out of the primary long before then.

It tells us that 21% of Iowans are spoilers, conspiracy theorists, dangerously naive, or cranks, or a combination of all of these. You have to be to vote for Ron Paul. It tells us that a great debater that is a lousy human being with a spotty track record (Gingrich)can finish fourth, which makes the media giddy with the thought of parading his many skeletons around the longer he remains.

It tells us that the only candidate in either party with a proven track record of economic success as an executive (Perry) is likely out of the race because people care more about debate gaffes than track records. And it tells us that the other conspiracy theorist (Bachmann) will hang around even after proving herself unelectable.

So what does Iowa tell us? It tells us we are well on our way towards giving Barack Obama a fighting chance of making the worst American Presidency a two-term affair. Hot Air has more if you can stomach it.

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