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Miracles do happen

Written By: Bob - Jan• 18•12

I’ve shown you this picture before.

This is my second-cousin’s car, wrapped around the base of a palm tree that it slid into broadside, impacting on the driver’s side door. The car has drifted off the road to the right and hit another tree, shearing off the front of the car and knocking down the tree before sliding back across the road into this palm.  Two violent, high-speed impacts, just seconds apart.

That was on November 19.

She lived, though it was a near- enough thing that one of the emergency responders to the scene later posted that he was pleasantly surprised that she survived at all.

She was in a coma from the moment of impact, and we were not sure if she would ever recover consciousness, and if she did, what of her personality would remain. Well, she came out of the coma in time to move into a rehab facility a few days before Christmas, and her recovery progress has been amazing since then.

I can now report that she has been released from the rehab facility to return home with her family, where her personality is in full-effect even as she continues out-patient therapy relearns the world around her. While progress is of course incremental, she has come very far,very fast, and we’re harboring hopes that with God’s grace she will fully recover. I know it is possible.

Miracles do happen.

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  1. LC Scotty says:

    Glad to hear this, Bob.

  2. jorgen says:

    Amazing! And good to hear!