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Missing SHOT again

Written By: Bob - Jan• 09•12

One of these years I’m going to actually make it to the SHOT Show in Vegas  to actually meet the cool industry people I correspond with and occasionally talk to on the phone, and see their new wares. Instead I’m comparing RFPs and business requirement documents for a new enterprise content management system my company is adopting.

Don’t get me wrong;  bleeding-edge tech is extremely cool.

It just isn’t as tactile or as social as shooty goodness™.

Should any vendors at SHOT want to pass along product samples of firearms, optics, ammunition, slings, holsters, armor, targets or other shooting accessories, feel free to contact me.

Via email, I’ve already heard rumors of a new gun called the “Congressman.” It doesn’t work, and you can’t fire it.

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  1. Would be interesting to what conclusions you get to. I am working in DMS/ECM field since 1997 and yet seen a bunch of products.