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New York Times story twisted data on N.C. gun owners

Written By: Bob - Jan• 05•12

The very liberal, serially dishonest New York Times lied? About guns? I’m shocked.

Luo matched data between our concealed handgun permit (CHP) and criminal record databases, producing “more than” 2,400 matches. Beyond the fact that all but “more than” 200 were misdemeanors – not necessarily disqualifying for CHPs – his methods are unsound.
Depending on number and type of parameters, accuracy in database matching varies wildly, potentially producing “false positives.” Because the CHP database doesn’t reveal Social Security numbers, Luo matched only four parameters, including inexact name matches.
For example, depending on parameters selected, matching CHP and voter databases produces between 46,000 and 234,000 matches. Given Luo’s small number of “hits,” it’s possible false positives exceeded real ones. When asked how many of the 2,400 he verified with the State Bureau of Investigation, he answered, “20-or-so.”
Even Luo’s exaggerations paint permit-holders as more law-abiding than the general public. If our overall homicide rate of 5.3/100,000 inhabitants were applied to our 228,072 permit-holders, we would expect 12 homicides per year. Yet Luo found only 10 such cases over 5 years. Similarly, permit-holders were one-eighth as likely to commit DUIs and other felonies.

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