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No Arm

Written By: Bob - Jan• 08•12

Tim "Tebowing" after 80 yard OT TD pass to beat the Steelers

I don’t normally blog about sports but as an old player and sports journalist I’ve always been hooked on the inspirational dramas that can develop from time to time. It seems to be Tim Tebow’s moment.

Shine on, young man.

Keep the faith.

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  1. It is the craziest thing. He really isn’t very good, but he just seems to win and it’s hard not believe faith is at work here.

  2. Veeshir says:

    He’s a winner.

    There are long lists of players who “aren’t very good” but who are winners.

    Some people just have it.

  3. bains says:

    Admist all the hoopla regarding Tebow’s very visible faith, there is a quite large population that judges him not on that, but his ability to inspire his team to win games. We are Bronco fans.

    I recall an argument debate I had with my Chicago cousins just after Tebow was drafted (remember, Denver had just traded Kyle Orton for Jay Cutler). I argued that it was a good move for Tim could learn much from a very smart (but limited talent-wise) quarterback such as Orton. Furthermore, I argued that Tebow showed the same passion and drive to win as another Denver Q-Back, and all he needed was tutelage and time.

    I hope Denver wins against NE next week (and I hope the refs start calling the offensive holds that the Steelers got away with), but I remember that few folks here in Colorado were expecting the Broncos to win more than 4 games prior to this season. It has been reminiscent of the Nuggets magical run in the post season in the early 90’s, and the Rockies magical run to the World Series (not to mention the Bronco’s and Avalanche’s two each title runs). And unlike Obama’s success coming out of the 2008 DNConvention in Denver, these all have been a joy to be a part of.