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Not ideal, but…

Written By: Bob - Jan• 17•12

Tam good-naturedly rips into a forum poster who had the temerity to ask people what their “ideal pistol” would be. I love her response (go read it), as I’m pretty much ambivalent about brand, and much more concerned with ergonomics, reliability, accuracy, concealablity, and ease of maintenance.

That allowed, I do have an idea of a perfect pistol package.

In my idea world of unicorns farting rainbow death rays, a perfect gun package would come from the factory with:

  • the handgun itself in a “business” caliber
  • 3 magazines for the “business” caliber barrel
  • .22LR barrel of same weight/balance as “business” caliber
  • 2 .22LR magazines with same capacity, loaded weight, and external dimensions of “business” magazines
  • simple kydex paddle OTW holster
  • kydex paddle mag carrier
  • small field maintenance- grade pull-through cleaning kit
  • a lockable hard case to hold it all

Yes, I know it is a pipe dream.

That allowed, if a manufacturer could deliver a handgun that just flat runs,  and that comes with a factory .22LR conversion kit that makes it economical to train with and comes in at a street price of $999 or below, they could probably count on a comfortable retirement.

Also, I want a pony.

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  1. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    I don’t want a pony. No need for a Kydex paddle holster either, I’d prefer to train with a holster that I actually use. Oh sure, the paddles are fine for when I’m bouncing around the field on a tractor, but I’ve yet to find one that holds a gun tight up against my body for daily carry. The small pull through cleaning kit is a nice touch, but I think a lockable plastic box is sort of an oxymoron and that seems to be how most pistols are shipped. Give me a steel Gun Vault MicroVault.

    Oh, and the closest I can come to your dream gun is the CZ 75 with the CZ Kadet conversion. And it misses several of your requirements.

    Keep dreaming about that pony.

  2. Markshere2 says:

    Since I reload bullets that I cast from wheelweights, I skip the whole .22 conversion exercise in “cost savings” and just shoot what I carry. All the ammo costs my time and about 5-7 cents per reload to produce.

    So it’s find the gun I like for the carry circumstances…..
    and a holster to work.

    I’m fiddling with various .380 9mm .40 .357 .45 options now, and loving it.