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Triangle-area Muslims rally around terror suspects

First we had the “Jeep Jihadi” at Chapel Hill, then the Willow Springs-based terror cell that wanted to carry out attacks on Marines and other domestic targets. Now we find out that friends and family members of one one of the convicted terrorists in the later case were attempting to murder and behead witnesses that […]

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Liberal Rep Brad Miller announces retirement, blames redistricting

I’d say that we hate to see you go, but: U.S. Rep. Brad Miller will not run for another term in Congress, he said in a statement released to his supporters early Thursday. Miller, who has served North Carolina in Washington since 2002, said the Republican-controlled legislature “dismantled” the 13th district when they redrew voting […]

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Fifth amendment circus Thursday morning?

Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea have been at the forefront of Operation Fast and Furious since the very beginning, and Mike’s sources are telling him that Thursday morning could be very interesting. If DOJ employees start hiding behind the Fifth en masse, it would seem very difficult for the media to avoid treating this as […]

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Obama uses SOTU to pine for a military dictatorship

During the State of the Union address last night, Poverty President Barack Obama made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want to lead a democratic Republic. He wishes to be the dictator to Americans who must follow his directives. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s how he opened his speech:

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Re-state of the union

Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address reveals a man utterly bereft of new ideas. This is what a failed Presidency looks like.

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