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Barack Obama’s sucessionist campaign

As we prepare ourselves for Barack Obama’s third and hopefully last State of the Union (SOTU) address this evening, we can be assured of just one thing: this most shallow of Presidents will not use the national media exposure to explain what has gone wrong under his leadership, or accept responsibility for his Administration’s role […]

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Soros excited about rioting in the U.S.

The man behind Adbusters, Think Progress, Media Matters, and the Occupy movement can hardly contain his enthusiasm for political violence. While Soros, whose new book, Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States, will be published in early February, is currently focused on Europe, he’s quick to claim that economic and social divisions in the […]

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Redford blissfully unaware that Sundance is the “1%”

Movie stars are not celebrities because of their brain power, a fact verified by Robert Redford’s latest idiocy. Attention, One Percenters! You can go home now. The Sundance Film Festival is not … repeat NOT … for you. (Except of course our corporate sponsors and super rich celebrity guests. You can stay. As a matter […]

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Updated: USMC Shooting Team selects new Detonics MTX-H

Update 02/08/12 : I got incomplete information and made incorrect assumptions. Detonics is sponsoring MOTO Three-gun, a team comprised of instructors from a Marine Corps detachment Fort Leonard Wood, that is also sponsored by Black Rain Ordnance, AP Customs, Horus Vision, and Samson Mfg. I apologize for not getting the story right the first time. […]

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Zero murder or manslaughter convictions in longest Iraq war trial

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, one of eight Marines that kickback king Rep. John Murtha claimed murdered Iraqi civilians “in cold blood,” plead to dereliction of duty, ending the “largest and longest-running criminal case against U.S. troops to emerge from the Iraq War”  without a single conviction for murder or manslaughter. Wuterich faces a maximum of […]

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