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Perry assessing, Bachmann dropping out

Written By: Bob - Jan• 04•12

Rick Perry is  assessing his Presidential campaign today. I hope he follows Erick Ericsson’s advice:

If I were Perry, I’d wake up tomorrow, say I refuse to surrender the Republican Party into the hands of big government conservatives after all the gains the tea party has made, and then announce I’m firing all my political staffers and communications staffers and ask South Carolina to help me reboot to victory. Make it an Alamo stand and, if like at the Alamo Perry goes down, perhaps there’ll at least be a rallying cry for small government conservatism left over.

That’s just me. Perry’s policy people have been phenomenal. The comms staff and political staff so badly bungled this that Rick Perry just suffered the first political loss of his career.

As I’ve stated on several occasions, Perry is the only candidate with a track record proving he can be the executive to champion a strong economy. Odds are, however, that he will once again listen to the same political advisers that have so mismanaged his campaign, and drop out.

Michele Bachmann is about to suspend her campaign. That makes more sense than Perry withdrawing, as she lacks the funding and the support to proceed.

I still think Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are different breeds of albatross, and Huntsman is irrelevant. I hope I’m wrong.

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One Comment

  1. Kim Priestap says:

    I’m so glad Perry is staying in. I just couldn’t believe he would drop out after one loss, especially when he was just getting his groove on.