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Redford blissfully unaware that Sundance is the “1%”

Written By: Bob - Jan• 24•12

Movie stars are not celebrities because of their brain power, a fact verified by Robert Redford’s latest idiocy.

Attention, One Percenters! You can go home now. The Sundance Film Festival is not … repeat NOT … for you. (Except of course our corporate sponsors and super rich celebrity guests. You can stay. As a matter of fact, we’d be lost without you!)

That’s the mixed message the was being sent as Robert Redford opened the 34th annual Sundance Film Festival with a populist pitch on Thursday, slamming the government for failing its citizens and talking about how Sundance exists for the forgotten “99 percent.”

“We show stories of what people in America are really dealing with, and really living with, against a consequence of having a government that’s let them down,” Redford said. “People can come and say, ‘God, at least we’re seeing how people are really living in America, and what they’re up against.’ We square away on the 99 percent.”

But the scene in Park City, Utah, where Sundance is held, would seem to run counter to Redford’s characterization, with big corporations sponsoring virtually every event and venue, and super rich celebrities racing each other to scoop up corporate sponsor freebies.

This is a perfect example of the old euphemism, “The bit dog barks.”

Like so much of Hollywood culture, Sundance is a celebration of the ego, where millionaire actors, directors, and producers gather to celebrate how special they think they are, while hoovering up tons of high end swag that they have come to feel they are owed. Once could make a convincing argument that Sundance is the epitome of the “1%” with very little trouble at all. At the same time, they do share common ground with the would-be “99%” of Occupy Wall Street, in that they feel others should be responsible for taking care of them and providing for their needs.

Both Hollywood and the Occupoopers share an unearned sense of entitlement. The one thing separating them is a sense of scale.

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