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Smith & Wesson 586 Classic: bringing sexy back

Written By: Bob - Jan• 17•12

I’m getting the expected deluge of new product emails from firearms companies this week because of SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas, but one on the “new” product announcements that really caught my eye was the return of the Smith & Wesson 586 revolver.

Smith and Wesson Classic Model 586

Ain’t she a beauty?

The press release as emailed reads:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (January 16, 2012) –Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that the Company has added a new revolver to its legendary Classic line with the introduction of the Model 586. Deemed the Distinguished Combat Magnum when first introduced by Smith & Wesson in 1980, the new revolver reunites collectors and .357 Magnum® aficionados with one of the most sought after law enforcement firearms of its time.

Manufactured with a carbon steel frame and cylinder along with a blue finish, the Classic Model 586 harkens back to an era when revolvers were predominately worn on the hips of law enforcement officers. As with the original, the new Classic revolver is chambered for six rounds of .357 Magnum®/.38 S&W Special. Available with a 4-inch or 6-inch barrel configuration, the Model 586 features a smooth single-action and a crisp double-action trigger pull that is the hallmark of every Smith & Wesson revolver.

On top of the frame, the revolver features an adjustable white outline rear sight and a red ramp front sight for a clear, precise sight picture. Much like the original, the Classic Model 586 is standard with an authentic square-butt design and is packaged with checkered wood grips containing the Smith & Wesson medallion. The retro-revolver is also standard with a serrated back strap for improved firearm control when shooting heavy magnum loads.

“The original Model 586 is perhaps best known for its extensive use as a law enforcement commemorative model,” said Tony Miele, Business Manager of the Smith & Wesson Classic line.  “Selected by highway patrol and conservation agencies as an ideal limited edition and anniversary model, the Model 586 has amassed several years of service both in the United States and overseas. Highly collectible and duty-proven, the original Model 586 offered law enforcement a reliable firearm for handling heavy Magnum cartridges.”

Today, collectors, retired officers and recreational shooters are able to relive history through the introduction of the Classic Model 586. Old school in nature, but ready to take on the demands of today’s shooter, the newest Classic revolver brings together two worlds in a way that is uniquely Smith & Wesson.

I’ve lusted after the 586 since I was in my teens, dreaming of using the pistol to hunt deer in the hardwood and cypress bottomlands of eastern North Carolina. I never took a shine to the stainless 686 for some reason, preferring the aesthetics of the blued steel of the 586 instead.

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  1. I am a gun. Color me blue. Right there with ya.

  2. Chaz says:

    In a similar vein CZ-USA brought back the classic Dan Wesson model 15 as the model 715.

  3. Steve in TN says:

    I’ve had my 686 since Feb ’94. Love it; my fave handgun. Saw the first used 581 I’d ever seen in a gun store a week ago Monday. It jumped in my arms (as they are wont to do) and so I brought it home. Yes, it has the M stamp. No, it was not DAO modified.