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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

So long, and thanks for all the Mitt

Written By: Bob - Jan• 12•12

If you told me two months ago that Willard Mitt Romney stood a very good likelihood of sweeping the Republican primaries, I think I would have tried to refer you to a good therapist.  Then Romney squeaked out a win in the Iowa Caucus, ran roughshod over his opponents in New Hampshire, stands a good chance of victory in South Carolina, and is poised for an absolute route in Florida.

I do not say this with any enthusiasm. Romney is, after all, the guy who got beat by the last guy who got trounced by Barack Obama, and nothing about Romney has changed. Only his opposition has gotten weaker.

  • Michelle Bachmann never caught fire, seemingly a bit frightening and extreme in her views.
  • Jon Huntsman was and is “Romney Lite,” with few personally defining positives.
  • Rick Santorum was all but forcefully ejected by his constituents in his last election, and has proven to be a big government social conservative every bit as interested in dictating your life as Barack Obama, just from the opposite political extreme.
  • Newt Gingrich, the “angry little muffin,” has a path of immorality both public and private a mile wide.
  • Rich Perry, governor of Texas, has made a strong of unforced errors that dropped him from front-runner to also ran.
  • And Ron Paul is, well, Ron Paul, America’s crazy uncle.

So now it appears that were are, absent a huge and disqualifying scandal in the next few days or weeks,  on the very of selecting the big government, position-changing, Obamacare-model-creating liberal Northeast Republican Mitt Romney as the Presidential candidate to run against the big government, position-changing, Obamacare-creating, crony capitalist Chicago liberal Barack Obama.

It’s almost enough to make you want to pack a good towel and hitch the next ride out of the solar system (if only Dennis Kucinich wasn’t driving).

I’m not sure how it happened, but the Tea Party got screwed out of having a decent candidate to support in 2012. It’s too damn bad that whoever the Conservative Party is putting up would only split the vote. We’re stuck.

And I don’t like it one tiny bit.

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  1. tracy coyle says:

    We did it to ourselves. Michelle and Cain were too inexperienced and Perry was George Bush with a bigger hat and given how quick people were to change I doubt much of anyone actually believed in or had faith in any candidate as late as September most people were hoping SOMEONE else would get into the race. Finally, most people told the GOP (indirectly) that the first goal was to beat Obama – electability was the most important trait, no conservatism and as a classical liberal myself, too many conservatives seem to lack a foundation in WHAT conservatism means….

  2. emdfl says:

    With any kind of luck Iran will test its first bomb in DC on the day that obumble delivers his first congressional address of his second term.

  3. McThag says:

    What did the Tea Party get? Congress.

    It’s entirely possible that the traditional deferment to a president of the same party as the majority will not happen this time because of it.

    I think we got a few governor’s mansions too.