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Stoeger’s tacti-cool O/U

Written By: Bob - Jan• 19•12

I am not a “shotgun guy” in general but I’ve always appreciated the simplicity, light-weight and balance of an over-under shotgun.

Benelli’s economy line Stoeger has just offed up a handsome variant meant to appeal to the tactical buyer.

From the press release:

Stoeger’s new Double Defense Over/Under shotgun is a straightforward, economically priced, rugged and reliable home defense shotgun. Ideal for use in tight quarters and tense situations, the Stoeger Double Defense O/U with its traditional break-action and short, efficient design is easy to load and quick to deploy in an emergency.

I’m not a fan of gratuitous picatinny rails hanging off of every surface of a weapon, but the slivers of rail placed for a red-dot and a weapon light seem like not unreasonable additions to a defensive shotgun. That allowed, I probably wouldn’t opt for an optic on a shotgun out of personal preference.

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  1. Robb Allen says:

    Price? Because that’s an O/U I’d love.

  2. DanP_from_AZ says:

    Can someone please explain the “logic” of buying a
    two-shot shotgun for self-defense instead of my plain jane
    Mossberg eight-shot pump shotgun which sells for $249 plus tax ?
    Someone ?
    Anyone ?

    • Bob says:

      An O/U would generally be shorter, lighter, and have a much more simple manual of arms, dropping the chance of short-stroking to zero.

      • Brett says:

        But you can’t rack it and scare the bad guys away! ;)

      • Braden Lynch says:

        I can agree with the simplicity concept, but I plan on getting the Kel-Tec KSG which has a giant 14+1 capacity and a short length, too.

        If I missed with the two shots from the O/U, it is unlikely that I’d be able to reload it in time.

      • Bob says:

        If you miss with your first two shots from any gun at in-home ranges, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to reload in time.

  3. Caleb says:

    I have the Mossberg/Maverick “tactical” O/U. Bought it cuz it was cheap, the sights were surprisingly good, and it was light enough and short enough for my small wife to maneuver.
    We’ve been quite pleased with it. I have no complaints so far.

  4. McThag says:

    Meh, needs an M4 stock.

  5. maddmedic says:

    This would work…

  6. Robb Allen says:

    Don’t want it for HD. 2 rounds is not enough, not because you might miss, but because sometimes the thug breaking into your house brought friends.

    No, I like trap & sporting clays and I enjoy the dirty looks I get from other people when I bring my dinged up, ugly Mossberg 500A. I don’t want a ‘purty’ shot gun, I want one I can drop, nick, bang up, and just shoot the hell out of, hence why this one appeals to me.

    Although a longer barrel would be nice.