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Tea Party leader Meckler pays fine, gun will be destroyed by NYPD

Written By: Bob - Jan• 12•12

Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Melcker was busted by the NYPD while trying to check in a cased handgun at LaGuardia Airport last month.  Meckler has received death threats from violent leftists in the past, and had a valid concealed carry permit issued in California that isn’t respected in New York. He could have faced jail time, but appears to have gotten off lucky, at least according to New York standards.

Mark Meckler, 49, was fined $250 after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct. His Glock 27 handgun will be destroyed.

Meckler, the high-profile founder of the Tea Party Patriots, declined to comment after a brief appearance in Queens Supreme Court. He smiled before he and his lawyer jumped into a waiting car.

It’s absurd that Meckler – and for that matter, any other citizen- has to abide by a hodgepodge of  thousands of  arbitrary state and local laws that are enforced by whim and prosecuted merely for political convenience.  This case is a perfect examples of a careful, concerned and respectful citizen attempting to respect the law is persecuted in jurisdictions where the God-given right to self defense is not respected by petty tyrants. Meckler’s case is just the latest of many that show why a national concealed carry reciprocity bill already passed in the House of Representatives needs to be passed immediately and overwhelmingly by the Senate.
In the vast majority of states in this nation and in all airports, what Meckler did in checking his cased weapon was a legal requirement. Only in an asinine, politically-backwards locale such as New York (or Illinois, or Washington DC, but I digress) would a citizen be punished for checking his firearm in accordance with FAA regulations.

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  1. Stretch says:

    Any one wanna bet that Glock (or, if you must, GLOCK) will end up at some crime scene?
    And if it does you know the LSM will report “Tea Party Gun Used In Rampage.”

  2. So if there is no law that says that the cops can keep the gun, as he says in his statement, can we chip in and fund a class action lawsuit against NYC to get all the guns back? Plus damages and fines?

  3. alanstorm says:

    He really should have thought twice before taking his weapon to another country.

  4. emdfl says:

    How ’bout report the gun as stolen when he gets back to his home state. Be fun to watch whoever gets it when they try to sell it.