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The eyes have it

Written By: Bob - Jan• 13•12

Like everyone in my line of work (web development) I spend an inordinate amount of time in front of computer screens. 40 hours a week I’ve arm’s length away from a pair of 22″ NEC MultiSynch monitors set up as an extended desktop, and then I go home and crack open a Macbook,ThinkPad, or Gateway desktop system. To say that I spend 80-90 hours a week in front of a computer display is no exaggeration.

I’ve also been suffering off and on from headaches since 2005 as a result, I think, of computer eye strain. They vary in intensity from normal tension headaches up through migraines to (thankfully more rare) cluster headaches, which some claim to the most intense pain a human being can experience. The former makes my life miserable. The latter two make being almost unbearable, and I understand why people call them suicide headaches.

I also went to the optometrist this and have a slight astigmatism and nearsightedness in my left eye, so I’m finally going to get some glasses, and figured I might as well get some optimized for my life of work.

Gunnar focuses on glasses for people who stare at screens all day, both computer geeks and gamers. They get pretty good reviews from techies. I’m scheduling an appointment with a local eye care place that carries the line, and we’ll see if they help.

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  1. louielouie says:

    please do a follow-up on this, as i am in your boat?