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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

There be Nazis

Written By: Bob - Jan• 01•12

Dominic Sandbrook writes a cheery, and up-lifting prediction of what 2012 will bring for us… wanna buy a bridge?

No, the U.K. Daily Mail columnist instead brings us tidings of doom and warns us that conditions are ripe for history repeating in the worst possible way, in a lengthy post titled The spectre of 1932: How a loss of faith in politicians and democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year in living memory.

A taste:

Our world is poised on the edge of perhaps the most important 12 months for more than half a century. If our leaders provide the right leadership, then we may, perhaps, muddle through towards slow growth and gradual recovery.

But if the European elite continue to inflict needless hardship on their people; if the markets continue to erode faith in the euro; and if Western politicians waste their time in petty bickering, then we could easily slip further towards discontent and disaster.

The experience of 1932 provides a desperately valuable lesson. As a result of the decisions taken in those 12 short months, millions of people later lost their lives.

Being a British publication the focus is of course on the collapse of the euro and the Western European nations, but Sandbrook misses is the third rail of political correctness and Islam in Europe. In 1932 the immigrant populations were a fraction of their current size, political power, and capacity for violence. Put bluntly, these populations are insular and demanding, and disproportionately responsible for violent crime, including sexual assault. Nationalist movements in Europe looking for a scapegoat would be hard-pressed to find a better villain class, and frankly, Muslim moderates have done little to prevent the most extreme elements of their communities from portraying them in the worst possible light. If you think that immigration is a pressing issue here in America, wait until Europeans get tired of supporting the large immigrant slums responsible for so much violence both commonplace and political.

I don’t claim to be a European expert, but from my layman’s perspective I think that Germany might sit this one out in terms of answering the call towards militant nationalism, and suspect that the French or Spanish are most likely to answer the call this time around, but I wouldn’t put it past the Brits, either, as what remains of the British empire and the collapse of colonialism finally exacts it’s price.

What do I see here in the United States?

I’d love to say that 2012 will be better than 2011, but that is purely a denial of the facts in front of us. The same ineffectual, impotent President that we’ve had for the past three years is still in office, even as his Presidency is being accused of criminality and corruption on a grand scale. From attempting to influence policy to benefit political patrons to what appears to be the most deadly political scandal in U.S. history in Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama Adminstration is risking impeachment on multiple fronts. Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have driven the deepest wedge between white and black communities since the 1970s, and is also pandering to a large illegal alien population and the disaffected cultists of the Occupy movement in hopes of garnering their support in a clear shift towards socialist or communist government.

Obama is going to increase the rate in which he is running up the national debt in an effort to pander to and subsidize core Democratic constituencies as he fights for a second term in offer, which is going to create more anger and isolation of his followers from the rest of America.

It is going to get worse before it gets better, and 2012 promises to be a miserable year for a lot of people. Whether or not 2013-2016 is even more miserable is entirely up to the American people.

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:

    We’re seeing ample supportive “evidence” for the President’s “Sixty Minutes” claim of being one of the top three or four “most effective” Presidents ala Linlcoln, FDR, Johnson and Clinton. None of his cited predecessors had his opportunities !

    Solyandra, MF Global, UAW, ACORN, OF&F, the Gulf debacle, and Iraq/Afghanistan, Libya, Fiskar, EPA edicts, ala “frakking”, and deep water drilling; the “Philadelphia Incident” regards voter intimidation, the “Texas Incident” regards redistricting, various “Voter ID” prosecutions presently underway, added to various pogroms intended to shut down net debate/information along with others designed to stifle contravening publication on the airwaves.

    Our President is living up to his pre-election promise of “being the most transparent administration in history” ! It is, and its all bad ! But, as demonstrated by its current tactic addressing the debacle of OF&F, its also contemptuous of our laws as well ! >MW