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Triangle-area Muslims rally around terror suspects

Written By: Bob - Jan• 26•12

First we had the “Jeep Jihadi” at Chapel Hill, then the Willow Springs-based terror cell that wanted to carry out attacks on Marines and other domestic targets.

Now we find out that friends and family members of one one of the convicted terrorists in the later case were attempting to murder and behead witnesses that testified against¬†Hysen Sherifi, and what does the area Islamic community do? No, they don’t issue condemnation, or ostracize them.

They offer them moral support.

Dozens of people from the Triangle’s Islamic community plan a show of support in Wilmington on Friday when two people have a federal court hearing on charges that they tried to hire someone to kill witnesses in a terrorism trial.

Federal authorities arrested Shkumbin Sherifi and Nevine Aly Elshiekh over the weekend and charged them with conspiracy to commit murder.

Sherifi’s brother, Hysen Sherifi, was sentenced two weeks ago to 45 years in prison on terrorism charges. He was among seven area men arrested in 2009 after authorities said they plotted attacks on targets overseas, stockpiled weapons and conducted paramilitary training.

Hysen Sherifi met with his brother and Elshiekh several times in recent weeks at the New Hanover County jail, where he is incarcerated, and arranged to have three witnesses who testified during his trial last fall killed, according to a federal court document.

He demanded that the witnesses be beheaded and that pictures be taken of their corpses to prove they had been killed, the court document states. He also wanted a fellow inmate who he thought had tricked him out of some money to be killed.

After 9/11, I wanted to understand Islam, figuring that there was no way that an entire religion could be fanatically bent on the destruction of every other faith on the planet. More than a decade later, after watching countless atrocities in the name of Allah never more than tepidly condemned than needed by the public relations needs of the moment, and more often than not supported as we see here, I wonder if Islam is compatible with Western values at all.

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  1. Orion says:

    You wonder?

    Let me put your mind at rest: Islam, as it is currently realized in the majority of places across the globe is utterly incompatible with Wester values. Period.

    For those who disagree, I urge you to travel to some Islamic lands, go to some mosques, read their papers, talk to Muslims wherever in the world, then come back and we’ll have a drink together. Because if you can do what I have done and NOT see that it is totally incompatible, you’re willfully blind or willfully ignorant.


  2. NevadaSteve says:

    I really don’t see why you would be surprised at this. The mindset of Islam’s adherents is that they have a right to subjugate others.

    Under Sharia a Muslim is insulated from punishment for anything he does to an unbeliever. That is a foundation for psychotic behavior if ever there was one.

  3. Jill says:

    Why do people be hatin on muslims

    • Bob says:

      I dunno. Maybe because they wanted to murder a bunch of people, and when the failed at that, then they tried to murder another bunch of people.

      Of course, I could be wrong.