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Updated: USMC Shooting Team selects new Detonics MTX-H

Written By: Bob - Jan• 23•12

Update 02/08/12 : I got incomplete information and made incorrect assumptions. Detonics is sponsoring MOTO Three-gun, a team comprised of instructors from a Marine Corps detachment Fort Leonard Wood, that is also sponsored by Black Rain Ordnance, AP Customs, Horus Vision, and Samson Mfg. I apologize for not getting the story right the first time. Corrections have been made below.

I’ve been sitting on this one, but since it has leaked out to Glocktalk and the 1911 forums I don’t feel bad about spilling what little I know.

The Marines MOTO–a three-gun team made up of Marines stationed at Fort Leonard Wood— got their hands on the full-size 5″ MTX-H and obviously liked what they saw. Detonics will sponsor the team with a number of the pistols – probably five – engraving the USMC logo on the top of the slide.

Detonics MTX Modular .45 ACP pistols

The 5" Detonics MTX-H modular .45 ACP pistol (left) is the USMC Shooting Team's newest handgun.

Having been one of the first to have fired the MTX-H, I completely understand why the Marines would be impressed. The recoil of the 3.5 version goes straight down the forearm with very little muzzle flip; the 5″ no doubt experiences even less, meaning pro-grade shooters can get back on target faster. It is also one of the more accurate .45s you can get, and I imagine the Corps fields shooters far more capable of wringing the most out of the gun’s accuracy than the average (in in my case, barely average) recreational shooter.

From a public relations standpoint, getting the an endorsement from any Marine Corps Shooting Team endorsement is a big “get,” especially for a new factory pistol, and I’ll try to get a statement and more information from the company as soon as I can.

Note: this is not the official Marine Corps Shooting Team, which uses only official  service weapons.

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  1. Repairman Jack says:

    It should be noted that the shooters shooting these guns while Marines, are not a sanctioned shooting team. If they were like the Army’s AMU, they would be confined to shooting only service weapons in matches. The current service weapon is the Beretta M9. Even the Marines own shooting teams are confined to the M9.

    To say that the Marines are now using this weapon as their match pistols would be like saying that Ford chose to buy Dodge vehicles because a few Ford Employees happened to drive them.

  2. Darwinos says:

    The M9’s used by these teams bear very little relation to a standard issue M9.
    The USMC team would be using a lot more than five of these.
    I’m surprised they would go with something so new. I’m kind of doubting this story.

    • Bob says:

      It’s a free country, and you can doubt the story if you would like without hurting my feelings at all. The team is a three-gun team “Marines of the Ozarks,” otherwise known as MOTO ThreeGun. They are comprised of instructors from Marine Corps Detachment Fort Leonard Wood.

      They have their own Facebook page YouTube channel, and also appear to be sponsored by Black Rain Ordnance, AP Customs, Horus Vision, and Samson Mfg.

  3. Robert says:

    The team that is getting these pistols has no affiliation with the Marine Corps shooting team. They are 5 Marines that started a 3 gun team.